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Use backend code and private API keys in Webflow

In this prototype, the form sends a POST to our backend code. Our backend code has our Airtable private API key. The data entered in this form goes through the backend and is sent directly to Airtable.

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Submit the form and see your record update live on Airtable. Refresh the iframe with the button on the right:


Use cases and problems this concept solves

Interact with platforms that have an API that requires a private key. Huge opportunity to send data anywhere, without restriction.

Better integration with enterprise-level CRM softwares. Pardot, Marketo, we're sick of all the bullshit in your client-side libraries.

A chance of integrating with all of the outdated, terrible, clunky systems enterprise-level clients ask us to integrate with. Need to send data to your {dinasour-platform}? No problem.

Give Enterprise-level clients who can't use Zapier the power to use advanced integrations in Webflow.

Drop heavy process Zapier use. This is happening now. We have a badass Zapier-based email collection system throughout our Webflow sites. It uses a ton of Zaps. As we grow, we continue to upgrade our Zapier account. When we continue developing this post-event, we'll plug this into our sites and drop down 2 plan levels on our Zapier monthly. Sending any information from Webflow to Airtable can be done with this setup.

Less of this
"This can't be done in Webflow."

And more of this
"We can do that in Webflow."

Enterprise clients like this.

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